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Heather Tabor, BS

Counseling Graduate Student



There are times when stress, anxiety, depression, or trauma darken our path of growth and joy.

Whether you are a child (parent of the child), an adolescent, or an adult, sometimes talking to those closest to you can be challenging. You may feel that no one around you understands. You are not alone.

In these moments, we all need help to continue to bloom through the darkness. I want to help you find light and joy in all you do.

I am a Counseling Graduate Student and have taught music to adolescents for over twenty years. I am passionate about continuing my role as a helper in the counseling profession.

My focus is to empower you to shine a light on your path and fully live your authentic self today.

Specialty Areas Include:
- Adolescents
- Child Counseling
- Parent Consultations
- Recovery & Addictions
- Religious Trauma
- Women's Issues
- Spirituality
- School and Conduct Behavior Issues
- At-risk Youth

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