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Fort Worth Counseling


To get started 'Book Your Appointment' and once your therapist confirms your appointment please complete your paperwork through your client portal login. If you have trouble completing the forms online you may print these forms and bring them to your session.  *New clients ONLY need to print New Client Intake Packet*

Telecounseling Consent Form
Preparation for your appointment

Therapy will seek to meet goals established by all persons involved, usually revolving around a specific presenting problem. A major benefit that may be gained from participating in therapy includes a reduction in distress and a better ability to handle or cope with personal, couple, marital, family, relational, work, and other problems and stress.


When you first enter you will be greeted by one of our receptionist. If it is your first time at Family Matters Counseling Center, LLC the receptionist will ask if you completed your new client paperwork online and if not will hand you a packet to fill out before your appointment. Please then have a set in the waiting area and the receptionist will notify your counselor you have arrived.


Your counselor will go over your paperwork with you and your initial therapy session will be mainly about getting to know you and what brought you in to the office that day. Your counselor may discuss goals of therapy with you to provide as a guideline during your continued time together.


“My counselor was very friendly person and genuinely likes to help people. She was very knowledgeable, professional and takes her job serious, but she is also a lot of fun to be around”.

“Family Matters does outstanding individual and career counseling. They know their job and do it very well. My counselor definately goes above and beyond for their clients. I am very glad to have worked with them”.

“Family Matters Counselors pushes individuals to further limits with their motivation and encouragement. It has been a pleasure to know and work with them”.

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