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The Help You Need is Just a Phone Call Away!

At Family Matters Counseling Center we know that not everyone can get to our office for counseling services. Sometimes clients don’t feel comfortable talking to a counselor in a face-to-face situation but know that counseling could help them manage problems they are experiencing. Our licensed therapists are ready to help bridge the gap with online counseling services.

What Are Online Counseling Services?

Online counseling, sometimes known as telehealth, is a type of counseling that provides access to a licensed therapist or counselor who can help you talk through the thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, all from the comfort of whatever location you choose, even your own home. Online counseling involves either telephone calls or online video counseling services.


Following a similar program to that of a face-to-face counseling program, online counseling provides accessibility and comfort to people who might not otherwise seek the help of a licensed therapist or counselor. It also makes finding the right counselor easier.  If you are looking for someone with specific experience, or having trouble scheduling time to visit an office, online counseling may be right for you.

What Are Online Counseling Services?
What are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

What are the Benefits of Online Therapy?

  1. Confidentiality: Telephone and video sessions are held in private offices in our Fort Worth location as if you were here in person. We take care to ensure that your information remains private and do not share your information with others. It’s also helpful for you because if you don’t want people or family to know you are seeking a counselor, you can call us from your car, office, or room in your home where you won’t be disturbed.

  2. Accessibility: You can talk to your licensed therapist wherever you are in the world, even on vacation.  Some areas have limited counseling services available or wait times are too long for an appointment. If you have been put on a long waiting list, online counseling can help you get access to the therapy you want and need.

  3. Flexibility: Day or night, a licensed therapist can take your call. All you have to do is schedule a call or video session to fit into your schedule and you’re all set.

  4. Shorter and Longer Appointment Times: Sometimes, you just need 30 minutes to sort through some feelings. Appointment times are based on your needs. Sometimes, you want to get into something a little deeper and need the flexibility of longer appointment times. Not all problems can be solved in a one-hour window.

  5. Convenience: Being able to talk to a counselor when it fits into your schedule means you are more likely to attend counseling sessions. If you need different counseling times each week, this option is for you.

  6. Confidence: Knowing you can reach out can give you the confidence to ask for the help you need. 

  7. Feelings of Being Heard: It’s comforting to know someone is ready to listen and help you manage life’s problems. Online counseling is helpful to people who feel like they aren’t being heard or seen by their families. We can help you manage expectations, thoughts, and feelings that are robbing you of your best life.

  8. A Sense of Taking Control: When you feel like there’s nothing you can do, you can pick up the phone. We provide flexible and confidential counseling services online to help you overcome life’s troubles and ensure that you have a plan to stay the course when things get hard.

Who is Online Counseling Best Suited For?

Who is Online Counseling Best Suited For?

Clients will get the most out of online counseling sessions when they can commit to the appointment times and dedicate themselves to engaging in the sessions.

This type of counseling is appropriate for people who have already been diagnosed and understand their condition enough to be able to self-manage for the most part, using online counseling as a way to help keep them on track.


Couples counseling is one area that can see real benefits from online counseling options.  Often one of the biggest reasons couples don’t see a counselor is because coordinating two people’s schedules is close to impossible.  With the flexibility of online counseling, this becomes much easier.

Who Should Not Seek Online Counseling?

Who Should Not Seek Online Counseling Services in Fort Worth, TX?

Online counseling is not for every client. Some clients will benefit from traditional face-to-face counseling services in Fort Worth, while others will get a great deal of benefit from online counseling services. Online counseling is not recommended for people who are experiencing a medical emergency related to their mental health.

For example, if you are suffering from suicidal thoughts or you are worried you might hurt yourself or someone else, it is best to seek the help of a psychiatrist or visit your nearest hospital emergency department. Similarly, people who are severely depressed, have substance abuse issues, or are under 18 may not be the best candidates for online counseling.

Online counseling is not meant to provide a band-aid solution to your problems; it is meant to provide an alternative option for people who can’t get to face-to-face sessions, people who need a counselor with specific experience that is not reachable, or people who are limited in their capacity to attend an in-person counseling session.

Phone and video counseling is not appropriate for minors, and parents should make an appointment at our center for their teenage children.

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