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Katherine Fields



My name is Katherine Fields. I am both a licensed Professional Counselor and School Counselor in the state of Texas. I’ve worked in the schools as a school counselor fifteen plus years, and in the last three, as a clinical therapist.

As a former school counselor, and a current clinician, I’ve gained experience working with children, adolescents and adults in a wide variety of milieus, including as a therapist in the schools, outpatient clinics and in inpatient/outpatient hospital settings. My specialties include working with children and adults with learning disabilities, developmental disorders, mood disorders, addiction and relationship issues.

Having lived in many different countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Italy and Japan, I am able to add a rich multicultural experience to my career. Having been born and raised in a military family, I also have insight into the transitory lifestyle and appreciate the challenges of transition which may include being in a blended family and or moving to a new town.

Finally, I approach therapy with the idea that the client has the strengths needed to set and attain goals. I use a client centered, strengths based model, coupled with a solution focused therapeutic model that allow the client to drive the therapeutic process. Seeking out a therapist to better oneself is already a sign of strength.

- Children & Adults
- Learning Disabilities
- Developmental Disorders
- Mood Disorders
- Relationship Issues
- Women's Issues
- Divorce Care
- Eating Disorders
- Addictions

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