Transitioning After COVID-19

At the start of the pandemic, it felt like we were forced to stay isolated. Away from work, from friends, from school… we were separated from anything and everything.

Now, we are on the flip side of things. We have thankfully made so much progress with the pandemic and have come a long way since the start, however, we know that it’s not over. And yet, we are now “forced” to go back to how things were.

With schools being opened, most of your children (including my own), have to go back to in-person classes, or else they’re required to transfer schools. Which means that they would be separated from their friends once again.

With businesses being opened, most of your employers are scrambling to get things prepared for you to go back to the office and settle into your cubicles once again.

For some of you, this may be an exciting step back to “normal.”

You’ve been ready to get things back to how they were, maybe you aren’t worried about the pandemic; you’re just excited to finally get out of the house.

For others, this may be a time of immense anxiety and stress. You didn’t think this transition would be happening so soon, you weren’t prepared for your kids to be out of the house yet, and you surely weren’t prepared to step back into a fully opened Texas.