How to Handle Bullying

It seems that everyone remembers the bullies from when they were growing up.

I’m sure many of you not only remember their faces, but you probably have a few stories to tell about them regardless of you being a victim or not.

Or maybe you were the perpetrator and now you look back with regret (hopefully) about the things that you said or did.

Memories of being bullied or witnessing others getting picked on stick with us for a long time, if not forever. These types of experiences can have a big impact on the development of a child.

Oftentimes, when a young child witnesses bullying, it’s the first time they’ve ever seen someone not in their family intentionally cause harm to someone else.

For a lot of kids this is when they start to learn about the reality of the world: that not everyone wants the best for them.

It can be hard as a parent when your child opens up to you about their own experiences with bullies, and it seems like this is happening more and more.

Kids hav