How to Make Decisions About Your Children While the World Opens Up

As the school year starts to creep closer and closer many parents are starting to face major decisions when it comes to their children…

Should they return back to school? Should you try your hand at homeschooling? Should you start pricing out nannies or see how available your family would be to help?

Some parents don’t have the option to keep their children away from school, maybe there’s no one to supervise your kids while you’re at work, or the cost of homeschooling is astronomical compared to sending them back.

Others may have the option of keeping them home but the guilt of doing so has you stuck in limbo about what to do.

Not only are you deciding if they should go back to school, but you’re also making other huge decisions. Things like, should you let your kids start sports again? Is it okay if they hang out with their friends more? Should they go back to their part-time jobs?

As you face these difficult decisions you’re most likely feeling a bit of stress and maybe even some guilt around what the final decision will be. You don’t want your children to miss out on anything but you also want to keep them safe.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to making these choices and not to mention... a lot of different opinions as well.

Maybe your spouse thinks sending the kids back to school will ensure they receive a quality education, but you think a semester of homeschooling won’t make much of a difference.