How to Have a Fun, Yet Productive Summer

How to Have a Fun, Yet Productive Summer

Can you believe that summer is finally here?

Not only is it here, but it’s going to look completely different than last summer… in the very best of ways.

Public pools, parks, vacation destinations, movie theaters, concerts... all of the things we missed out on last year are happening just in time for everyone’s favorite season.

Well almost everyone…

How many of you parents out there are worried about having your kids bothering you all summer long? It feels like you just got them back to school full time doesn’t it?!

And how many of you single folk (and parents) are losing the drive you had at the beginning of the year when you set those New Years goals? It seems like everything is going to the backburner, including your once prioritized resolutions.

Summer is an amazing time to relax more, soak up the sun, and take some time off of work for yourself and your families. However, for some peo