Reassessing Your Purpose After Quarantine

At the beginning of quarantine our “new normal” looked alot like staying at home, falling asleep on Zoom meetings, and being constantly torn between loving all of the family time and going crazy because of it.

After over a year of adjusting to a slower paced life we are being thrown back into the flames of nonstop go-go-go.

It seems that after we finally adjusted to a slower paced lifestyle, in the blink of an eye, the majority of people are having to create a “new normal” all over again. Which, when you think about it, we really are just adjusting back to where we were in the first place.

However, that doesn’t mean we have to go back to exactly how things we were before the pandemic began. We can take our new knowledge and transform our way of life.

“Knowledge without action is pointless.” Abu Bakr

Many of us have learned some pretty important lessons during quarantine. Some of which include:

  • How to focus on the little things

  • How to stay kind and remember our humanity

  • How to spend your time in a way that you actually want to

  • How to embrace change and be flexible

  • Remembering what makes life so beautiful is the people we share it with